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I offer both short and long term therapy, but which is suitable for you?

The length of therapy depends on your current issues and concerns as well as your life situations.

During the initial meeting together we will identify your problems and discuss what the most suitable way would be to approach these issues.

We will discuss how we will work together and what are you willing to 'work on'.

Research (according to Martin Seligman) suggest that people who stay in longer term therapy generally cope better, feel happier and are more in control of their lives.

This also depends on the therapists’ used approach and the commonly agreed focus of the therapy.

Improvement of difficulties and relief from symptoms can be seen during the first 8 to 10 sessions.

Brief or time limited therapy, focuses often on removing symptoms, getting initial relief from anxiety and distress and enabling you to cope better in your relationships, work and life.

What do we do in therapy sessions?

My work is experiential. With this I mean that I focus on experiencing and changing things through experience and relational contact rather than just talking about things.

I am not a passive listener but participate actively in conversations, offering suggestions and challenging your beliefs.

Due to the fact that we all exist and live in relationships, I am interested in the quality of how we are; how we talk and how we interact together.

Each session lasts for 50 minutes. If you are interested I suggest that we book a time when we can meet for an introductory session.

The purpose of this session would be to find out more about each other.

You will get to know more about my working style and I can learn more about your expectations, hopes and fears of therapy.

After the initial session we will have a better idea what works for us.

For fees: please contact me via my contact page.


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