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On Long Term Therapy…

Long term Psychotherapy is often geared towards changing deeply seated structuresor roots of human behaviour, perception, belief patterns and relational problems which have been part of one’s life from very early on, perhaps even from early childhood.

Some thoughts on long term therapy...

On problems and difficulties

The majority of psychological difficulties can be successfully treated with long term psychological therapy.

On some rare occasions, if difficulties persist, we can involve your GP and obtain help with medication along side the therapy.

Often we discover that many of our symptoms or persisting problems have a connection with our early life events.

These symptoms become visible in our daily relationships and usually contribute to our overall life satisfaction.

Imagine that your life could be free from distractions and overwhelming stress. What would that be like?

Even if life feels unbearable, awful and even hostile, it is important to firstly say that you are not the only one experiencing these difficulties.

Secondly, to look for help is already a step forward and a sign that you are determined to move forward.

This also tells me that you value yourself and might be interested in sorting things out.

Is therapy going to help you?

Most of the people whom I have worked with in the long term therapy find it very helpful.

They often feel more empowered and better about themselves, clearer about their problems and begin to see choices and potential solutions for their problems. Courage, confidence, motivation and relief are also common outcomes.

However, therapy requires commitment and the journey will not be smooth. All kinds of surprises, rocks and unexpected curves, might come along the way.

There may be times when you may feel like a mountain climber. When you have just reached the top, there is a bigger mountain ahead waiting for you.

Just remember, when you were a baby it took you about 12 months just to stand up without a support!

Changes do not happen overnight. All of us are unique individuals; therefore the speed at which people improve varies.

Some people change, cope or find solutions faster than others.

What happens during the sessions?

I won't sit in silence, ‘read your mind’, nor will I tell you what you should be doing. There is nothing mysterious about therapy but I think that it may be helpful to have an idea what happens during our sessions.

Our work is confidential! I, as a therapist, play an active part in the sessions. Initially, my goal is to learn more about you and your way of life.

Together, we develop a working relationship and begin to tackle your issues and concerns.

As we look for alternative options or solutions for your problems, I may suggest trying new ways of doing things; new ways of experiencing life and other people within your relationships.

These new pieces of information and insights often feel nourishing and exciting.


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