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Personal Information

    • Chartered individual and Group Psychotherapist (UKCP)
    • Registered psychologist (BPS)

    Tommi received a Bachelor of Psychology degree at the University of Malta and became a Gestalt Therapist through GPTIM in 1999.

He completed an MSc in Psychodynamics of Human Development following the Jungian analytical stream at Birkbeck College and gained an MA in Gestalt Psychotherapy at London Metropolitan University.

Recently, he gained a diploma in systemic family work and family constellations via Bert Hellinger Centre, GPTIM.

Previously, Tommi has worked as a part of the teaching staff in an international experiential learning organisation.

Since 2001, he has been employed as a psychologist, part of the primary care team in HM prison service.

In 2005 Tommi accepted a part time post at the University of Surrey, where he works as a professional tutor in the Doctoral programme in Psychotherapeutic and Counselling Psychology.

He has connections with some NHS psychotherapy and counselling services and is an associate consultant with several different Employee Assistance Programme schemes.

He also has a private psychotherapy practice in London.

Tommi has training in variety of different kinds of psychotherapeutic approaches, including psychodynamic, relational and systemic, humanistic and cognitive behavioural.

Tommi’s current interests deal with relationships, family systems and dynamics, love and destructiveness; health and illness.

He is also engaged in an on-going development of psychotherapy as well as learning more about myths, legends and images; the Jungian world of archetypes.

Tommi likes out door activities, sports from mountain climbing to meditation.


Research & Publications

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